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We are a scant 263 days away from the next presidential election. Over the last three years we have been witness to rampant corruption and deceipt perpetrated by our own government. Our own Department of (In)Justice is guilty of allowing the ATF to sell guns to the Mexican Drug cartels, despite Eric Holder’s assertions that he knew nothing. If you look at him during his quyestioning, he does not have the look of an innocent man. Our Congress has been manipulating public policy, as well as their constituency, for so long that they feel it is normal business practice to do so. The Main Stream Media, largely funded by George Soros, has succintly abandoned their ethical obligations in order to carry a biased message across the airwaves into our homes. Those among us who derive the majority of what they consider fact from the television are being fed lies crafted to distract and deflect them away from the truth. Republicans are spending more time fighting among themselves for a presidential nomination, while the man behind the desk continues his wholesale slaughter of our freedoms, liberties, securities, and Constitutional rights. As a citizen of this country I am scared, angry, insulted, and resolute. I do not care if I am the onle voice crying out in the night. If a stand must be made, then I will make it.

We, the people of the United States of America, are duty bound to defend the rights secured for us by our fore-fathers. Nothing is free in this life. For every gift, blessing, and reward there are gallons of blood, sweat, and tears shed by those who had to suffer and sacrifice for it. We, as a country, have had many years of relative peace and prosperity before the attacks of Sep 11, 2001. We grew complacent after the turmoil of Viet Nam, largely ignoring the tensions that were rising in the Middle East. The bombing of the Marine Barracks in Beirut should have gotten our attention nationally, but we were tired from war, and they seemed like insignificant cowards. To be honest, they still are cowards, but even a coward can be dangerous. A coward hides and lurks and schemes in dark rooms behing closed doors. A coward sends others to suffer and die for his cause. A coward hides behind empty rhetoric and false promises; whatever it takes to convince the populus that they are unhappy and they deserve more, regardless of how very little they work for it, if at all. We are terrorized by the acts of cowards, and it is destroying this country. These cowards do not just hide in the mountains between Afghanistan and Pakistan. They do not just hide in cat-holes to evade detection. They walk in and through the halls of our Capitol and White House with relative impunity. They sit behind large desks that we pay for and they stand in front of cameras talking out both sides of their mouth from one minute to the next. They have made an art out of lying to and cheating the very people that pay their salary, and they do it with a smug countenance. We, the People, see this and we react. We speak, but our voices are drowned out by the tide of dis-information flowing ever stronger from the heart of our own country. We are told what we should think, say, eat, or buy by a government that can scarcely pay it’s own bills or even pass a household budget. When did it become acceptable to let the Roosters guard the hen house?

The closer we get to the elections, the picture is going to change dramatically. As Rush predicted back in December 2011, the jobless numbers are going to drop, the presidents reputation is going to improve, and the markets are going to climb. He has mastered the ability to manipulate and fabricate data to suit his own purposes. Do not be fooled. There is a movement taking place out there now that the sleeping giant has been awoken once again. There is no doubt as to the effectiveness of the Tea Party. Say what you want to say about them, but if you ever truely want to know how good and how strong they are, just look at the quantity and intensity of the attacks made upon them by their opponents. Whenever the Left identifies a threat to their plans they attack with full force. They attack in such a way because the only way to truely be free from threat is to destroy the threat. Although many would say they would happily drop a bomb on Tea Party headquarters, no one wants that kind of blood on their hands in an election cycle, so they wage guerilla warfare. Smear campaigns, mis-information, propaganda, and indoctrination are the tools of their cowardly trade, and no one has done it better than Obama and George Soros. These men, if they can be called so, have their own motives. They have the arrogance to believe they know what is best for the world, and they are doing everything in their means to systematically deconstruct the fabric of this nation. I do not care who you are, where you live, or how much money you have. If you continue to stick your head in the sand and believe the lies being told to you, then you deserve the pain and suffering that is waiting to befall you.

As a citizen of this country, you may never have traveled outside of our mational borders. Some may not have even traveled outside of their states, cities, towns, or boroughs. It is impossible to fathom the effect of dictatorial socialist regimes until you have walked the battle fields and seen the suffering inflicted on a people by their own government. You do not know what it feels like to be rendered helpless and impotent by your own government, and forced into a life of poverty and destitution while your government sits dining at the farmers table, like the pigs in George Orwell’s Animal Farm. Right now, the Obama administration is waging a game of class warfare upon the country to distract us from the fact that they are robbing us blind. There are those of us watching and planning. There are those of us who are dedicated to keeping this country free. We may have our flaws, to be sure. No one is perfect, but this is our country and we have every right to keep it as our own. Resist the urge to turn and run away from this Juggernaut. If David was able to slay Goliath then we can triumph over the will of our opressors. Listen to what is being said and question not only how it will impact you personally, but rather ask how will this impact our country’s sovereignty, our liberty, and our freedoms. Then ask yourself if these things are worth fighting for or if you would rather just support whoever you think is going to win. If you find even one thing worht fighting for to keep this country free and great, then you have found a home. You are welcome to stand alongside me and together we will reclaim this country on bealf of every man woman, and child. God bless you and keep you.






Straws that are breaking the camel’s back

Living in the ‘People’s Democratic Socialist Republic of California’ has become a death of a thousand cuts. And they’re paper cuts between my toes it seems.  First off is it just me, or has any country with the name People’s and or Democratic been anything close to resembling Democracy of the people, for the people and by the people?  I’m guessing the next time it happens will be the first time, but I digress.

The first straw breaking this camel’s back is the lack of a responsible, investigative media.  Gone are the days of Edward R. Murrow, and the Wall Street Journal breaking The Teapot Dome scandal. Now all we get is constant parroting of an alleged ‘torpedo of truth’ that comes spewing forth from some political hacks gob like it was manna from God.  And this is the best example I can provide.

We are all aware that the price of gasoline has not only risen, but it has rocketed to heights normally reserved for satellites and intercontinental ballistic missiles.  So our fearless leader gets on the box and says he is going to commission a panel and they are going to get to the root of the problem and ‘punish the speculators’ who are creating this problem.

Really? This would be all well and good except the media itself identified the problem in 2008.  That’s right, we actually knew this would happen for the past three years.  Stevie Wonder could see this coming.  Just before his confirmation hearing as Secretary of Energy  Steven Chu was quoted as saying, “Somehow we have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe”.   Erm,  actually you ass-clown what we have to figure out is how to prevent that from ever happening.

Additionally this bampot spends his time trying to figure out how “to coax consumers into buying more fuel efficient cars and living in neighborhoods closer to work. So much for the American dream huh. Well as long as its right across from your place of employment. And heaven forbid if they pull up shop and relocate and you need to find new employment that isn’t within walking distance.

Now while the President was laying the smack down and getting ready to stomp big oil and these shady speculators a new mud hole did anyone in the press raise their hand and ask the obvious question?  Which is,  since taking office in 2009 you have cancelled 77 leases for oil and gas drilling in Utah.  The EPA has new rules mandating the use of renewable fuels like ethanol, which everyone admits has been an abject failure. And let’s not forget virtually shutting down oil exploration and production in the Gulf of Mexico, which has accomplished  two things.

1. Decrease the availability of domestic energy supplies which in a supply and demand commodity in which the demand is increasing in the face of decreasing supplies only drives the price of said commodity in one direction. Up.

2. Putting increased regulatory costs on gasoline production which drives the price of gasoline in one direction. Up.

I mean is it just me, or does anyone else see this?  Did one of the reporters at that dog and pony show say to themselves, today is the day I become Bob Woodward and nail a politician’s ass to the wall? Nope, instead they said “Polly want a cracker” and were good parrots just repeating the tired lines of lies.  But I have seen no less than 10 headlines in what was considered the ‘mainstream’ press talking about how d-list celebrity is outraged that the rule of law applies to her.

When the press goes from trying to find and report the truth,  to shilling the party line has the first amendment died?