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The Final Countdown

It is a mere fifty days until the November Presidential election. Over the last three years we have seen a government, a department of justice, a state department, the highest court in the land, and the combined main stream media wage a war on America. Through what can only be described as wide scale complicity, all entities have joined together with the Unions, thugs, and socialist/communist/Marxist donors in a coordinated attack on our Country, our Christian faith, and our Constitutional Rights. We have been sacrificed by a variety of people vying for their own share of the pie. Some people truly do feel that a communist/Marxist/socialist nation is the way we should go. They believe in their hearts that it is what is best for us as a country. Although many of the facets of these social paradigms are appealing to many, what they fail to realize is that, in the long run, they think they are smart enough to make the decisions for us. Somewhere down the road they realized that the Nation as a whole was fully satisfied with being a democratic republic. We fought wars to avoid communism. We fought civil wars to grant the freedoms and liberties of a constitution to the people of the United States. We fought wars that liberated us from the Tyranny of a foreign power and gave us the right of independent legislation. Once it was clear that the people of this country wanted to keep their freedom, the plotting and scheming began behind closed doors and underground. Domestic terrorism sprang up in this country as people sought to fulfill their individual agendas against Government intrusion or the democratic process. International terrorism sprang up as the US took on the role of Global Power and Police. These schemers and plotters found allies in the darkest of places. High power billionaires with substantial wealth and connections took up the fight and started laying the groundwork for a one world government. Domestic Terrorists concocted plans and strategys for overthrowing governments. The Cloward-Piven Strategy was hatched as a blue-print for democratic revolution. The plan would educate people how to overwhelm a society with an almost unfathomable quantity of misery and heartache so that they would practically beg for change, any change, as long as the hardship would go away. Dot.Com bubbles pop, causing millions of online entrepreneurs to lose everything. Financial scams cost millions of people their life savings, their jobs, and their pensions. These people cannot afford to pay their mortgages, so they take out sub-prime mortgages, enacted by their own President (Clinton). The Housing Market gets overwhelmed with defaulting mortgages, and the housing bubble pops, forcing millions out on the stree. Large scale manufacturing businesses are propped up by a government that will not allow them to fail, sending billions of tax payer dollars into an industry that is bankrupt. Joblessness, homelessness, and hopelessness saturates this country to levels that have not been seen in generations. Al Qaeda attacks our country and throws fear and uncertainty into the equation. Wars are fought in retallioation and to protect US assets abroad. The world is changed forever. Fear becomes the underlying condition. People start to mistrust everyone. How easy it is to point the finger of blame at the person sitting in the highest ffice in the land. All this time, the powers in the backroom start positioning people for their gradual assent to their eventual posts. Deals are struck in the dark to ensure that the right pawns get to their post. Lies are told to the people of this country through a media that either believes whole-heartedly in the cause or they are hijacked and forced to comply in order to survive in their industry. The message begins to be disseminated around election cycles to test the efficacy and it undergoes tailoring and modification until it becomes talking points for a viable campaign. There is no secret what people wanted in 2008. They wanted Hope and Change. All they had to do was make every promise they knew they had to make, but they would never have to worry about keeping those promises as long as they could control the message. It was nothing to get the media to latch on as they saw their own demise written in the online blogosphere. It was a safe bet. Toe the party line and get the new young, eloquent, dark skinned man elected president so that we can be ushered into a period of peace and prosperity, the likes of which we have never seen before. He gets elected by a land slide and rides the wave of love and adoration through his entire first term. Now he can get to work. So many promises about to come true. So many dreams fulfilled. So much peace and prosperity. So many jobs lost. So much money spent. So many people saddled with additional taxes. So many lives lost. The people in this country realized very quickly that a Congress and Presidency dominated by Democrats was a very bad thing. The Tea Party was born amidst crys of treason. They fought and won back the House of Representatives in historic fashion, although some slippery characters managed to steal their seats back. The last two years have been the hardest struggle. The varnish of Hope and Change have turned to the Tarnish of Dread and Despair. 47% of the  country depends on the government for subsistence and millions of illegal immigrants are granted amnesty and allowed to vote in our elections for their own self-serving reasons. The Department of Justice is full of more criminals than Rikers Island, and the Media would have you believe these are the Halcyon Days. In these days, however, we have seen the tide change. Unions were defeated in Wisconsin and California. Scandal has decimated the Democrat ranks. The International Community has seen what Hope and Change looks like, and they are not impressed. In fact they are ready for change in our country more now than ever. With less than fifty days to go before the next election, those that scheme to steal this country from us are pulling out all of their dirty tricks. We will continue to hear lies and fabricated polls with D+15% skewing. We will continue to be told that everything is everyone else fault, except for the current president. We will be told every manner of scare tactic imaginable, but in the end we will win. The people of this country want their country back. We want our flag back. We want our God back. We want our pride and security back. We will take it back. One way or Another. God Bless America.